Food Menu

FW Food Menu

Online menu for restaurants, cafe, bistros, bars, pizzerias, etc. with promo options and automatic PDF menu generation from the list.

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  • Pixel perfect responsive menu layout
  • Meal of the day, new, special offer options for every item
  • Menu categories with flexible configuration
  • Automatic PDF menu genration from the full menu or a category

Includes: Joomla FW Food Menu component, 1 module (menu categories).


Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

Current Version: 1.3.1

Release date: 16 October 2017

Compatibility: Joomla! 3.8.1

Fastw3b Food Menu product was designed for food industry websites to represent online menu. The main goal of the product is to show clean, easy to read, understand and navigate menu. A menu which can be rendered perfectly on any device and gives a customer an information about available menu items, their content and pricing.

Our menu has different promo options to highligh items from the list. Every option has a special design and is diplayed in a different way.

  • Mela of the day has a green background and always go on top of the list.
  • New has a blue background but stays within the ordering of menu items.
  • Special offer is displayed in menu item within orange box to drag customer's attention to a deal.

PDF menu generation is another feature that can be useful. Having and option to let your customer take a menu with you may help to get more orders. Especially with flexible menu configuration and ability to separate it by categories you have full control over parts of the menu that can be downloaded.

After downloading a product you will have an installable Joomla package file. All extensions that go with the product are packed together for your convenience and will be installed in one go.


  1. Log into Joomla Administrator panel on your website.
  2. Go to Extensions -> Manage -> Install.
  3. Select downloaded package file ( and click Upload button.


  1. Go to Extensions -> FW Food Menu
  2. Start with adjusting Settings.
  3. Add menu Categories.
  4. Add menu Items and assign them to categories.

Diplaying on front-end menu:

  1. Add menu item in website main menu.
  2. Select FW Food Menu layout type.
  3. Configure options.
  4. Make sure menu item is published and main menu module is visible on the website.

Q: Hi, Please can you tell me if your food menu component also has any modules so that, for example, a front end display could be linked to the menu page? Many thanks

A: Yes, Food Menu has menu item layouts and it's own menu module. Menu item can be linked to any page and configured for a specific category.

FW Food Menu Pricing

One-Time Purchase

$24.99 USDUSD
Current Version Only
  • documentation on how to configure and use product effectively
  • limited ticket support. As soon as new minor versionĀ (x.y.x) is released you will be advised to upgrade before you will be able to submit a ticket.
  • NO UPDATES. You purchase current product version. Maintenance releases (v x.x.y) will be available for free.
  • NO REFUND. This is a final sale deal.


$39.00 USDUSD
12 Months Free Updates
  • documentation on how to configure and use product effectively.
  • ticket support for all subscription period.
  • free updates released at least once a month.
  • 20% discount on subscription renewal.
  • 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not happy with our product we will refund the cost.