FW Gallery Grand

FW Gallery Grand

The best responsive image and video gallery for Joomla with multiple layouts, tags management and ratings.

Try FW Gallery Grand today!

  • Mixed image and video galleries.
  • User front-end management pane.
  • Batch upload, watermarks, meta tags import.
  • Content plugins, slideshow modules and more.
  • Own forever, use anywhere.

Includes: Joomla FW Gallery component, 3 modules (slideshow, latest, map), 6 plugins (content, search, JCE button, Facebook import, Picasa import, Disqus comments).


Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

Current Version: 4.5.1

Release date: 28 September 2017

Compatibility: Joomla! 3.8.0

Create Media
Сreate media Gallery

With media Gallery, you can show your photo & video files in a fancy grid view.


Ability to leave comments for each photo will help you raise your profile, you will learn something new and this can lead to more connections


Watermarking is the best way to protect photos. If you adding watermark in images will  protect your image online.


Add your image to the map it helps you get for more detailed description and  accurate driving directions.


Add tags to your media files to search them easily. This reduces errors and allows you to quickly deploy tags on your site.

Services integration
Popular services integration

Let your visitors share your photos and videos with social networks and services like Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest.

After downloading a product you will have an installable Joomla package file. All extensions that go with the product are packed together for your convenience and will be installed in one go.


  1. Log into Joomla Administrator panel on your website.
  2. Go to Extensions -> Manage -> Install.
  3. Select downloaded package file (pkg_grandgallery_vx.x.x_JUST_INSTALL.zip) and click Upload button.


  1. Go to Components -> FW Gallery
  2. Start with adjusting Configuration.
  3. Add Galleries. Note that any level of sub-galleries is allowed.
  4. Check Plugins section to import images from Facebook or Picasa.
  5. Add Images one by one or using batch upload. Note that image EXIF tags are imported on upload.
  6. Adjust Gallery wording using Language section.

Diplaying on front-end menu:

  1. Add menu item in website main menu.
  2. Select Galleries layout type.
  3. Configure options on Options tab.
  4. Make sure menu item is published and main menu module is visible on your website.

Q: How do I place a single gallery inside an article?

A: You should use FW Gallery Content plugin to do so http://fwgallery.fastw3b.net/modules-plugins/content-plugin-demo.html.


Q: I have a task to create a site in 2 languages, how can I translate the creation of my categories without uploading again foto.

A: You can translate descriptions and titles for multiple images without uploading photo twice in Grand Gallery package. For translation you will need to use Falang (Faboba) extension. All needed files are packed with archive you download after purchase.


Q: Hello I need to have important information. If I have a gallery with 200 photos, how are they displayed? Do you see all of them? Do I have a pagination option? I have something js that limits upload by scroll (exap. Lazyload) thank you in advance.

A: You can set a number of pictures to display on one page and you can display all 200 at the same time. Also you can configure if you want to have Lazy load or a standard pagingation for the gallery.

Also you can check Gallery back-end http://fwgallery.fastw3b.net/administrator/ and see how it can be configured on our demo site. Don't be afraid to change settings as database is reset every 30 mins.


Q: Hi I want to buy your product. I have a query. Is it possible for individual users to create individual galleries from front end other than admin. Please reply asap.

A: No, at this point front-end user can only upload images to existing galleries. No new galleries can be created via front-end.


FW Gallery Grand Pricing

One-Time Purchase

$29.99 USDUSD
Current Version Only
  • documentation on how to configure and use product effectively
  • limited ticket support. As soon as new minor version (x.y.x) is released you will be advised to upgrade before you will be able to submit a ticket.
  • NO UPDATES. You purchase current product version. Maintenance releases (v x.x.y) will be available for free.
  • NO REFUND. This is a final sale deal.


$49.00 USDUSD
12 Months Free Updates
  • documentation on how to configure and use product effectively.
  • ticket support for all subscription period.
  • free updates released at least once a month.
  • 20% discount on subscription renewal.
  • 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not happy with our product we will refund the cost.