Meet the new concept of FW Real Estate !

You already wait for new updates of Real Estate without various problems and bugs which have been reported by you and other customers.
We've been working for a long time to make our Extension as convenient, simple and efficient for everyone in the real estate market as possible.
And now our Fastw3b team present the new concept of FW Real Estate!
So we have come up with 3 news subscription types. We replace the old component with the new one, and offer the following subscriptions:

1. FW Real Estate Agency

2. FW Real Estate Realtor

3. FW Real Estate Developer

  If you need to create  a website for realtor (ecpec from the USA or Canada, we suggest our Realtor Subscription

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Realtor subscription for individual users includes all basic features you might need to rent out or sell your property.
Using our package you can add up to 700 properties, customize the listing and select the search options required.


If you need to create a website for a real estate agency (UK, Australia, Italy), the Agent  Subscription will be perfect for you.

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Along with the basic rent and sale features, this subscription has all the components to create and manage agents profiles.
You can also manage multiple properties, such as front-end manager for agents, add up to 5,000 properties and up to 50 agents on your site.


 If you are a professional website developer, 2 in 1 is the best solution for you.

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Developer Subscription  combining the functions of each package and supporting up to 5 web sites.