The design and structure of the menu on the website restaurant or cafe Fastw3b

Designing a menu is quite difficult, but very interesting. The most important factors that must be considered with menu design are readability and the appetizing nature of visuals.

6 tips for creating compelling descriptions and a perfect restaurant menu design.

In the menu on the website must be the price!
It is the lack of prices on the websites of the many restaurants and cafes explains the low conversion of site visitors into actual visitors to these place.

2. Functionality and  navigation menu
The menu should be a good navigation and the highest functionality on the site and should be placed in one-half of screen pages.
Do not make a lot of pages in the menu.It only complicates the navigation of visitors to it and diverts them.
General view of the menu should raise the appetite of visitors and positive impact on his mood.

3. Briefness
If there is too much text or too many images, your customers can be overwhelmed by data.
Descriptions should be brief. Brief descriptions should not be boring. Use bright and tempting words

Your menu is so much more than a list of ingredients.
Maximize your wait staff’s time and engage your guests with descriptions that are clear and straightforward but never boring. Do your menu items justice and use expressive language to appeal to your customers senses and excite their appetites

5. Logo
Your logo is your brand. Make sure it fits the design, font, color and images of menu

6.Divide the menu into logical sections
Make it easy for customers to search for dishes by arranging items sequentially and in logical groups, starting with the appetizers.

Competent menu design will allow you to increase the turnover of the restaurant and the loyalty of the guests!

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