3 reasons to use Virtual Tour on the Real Estate website Fastw3b

Real Estate is business market that can get more benefits from using the Virtual Tour. This marketing and sales tools that will look great on the website. Virtual tour of the house that is on the market has an an open house 24/7 and this is done without time spent giving each customer the tour or time spent giving each customer the tour.
Customers appreciate that they have time to check every detail  and also they can go back into the house as many times as they want.

Reasons why you need a virtual tour of the website

1. Saving time. 
Virtual tours allow buyers to see the home without the presence in this house

2.Virtual tours are available 24/7. 
Without the presence of the realtor or home seller to show the property.This means that out of town buyers can make a trip to several houses without leaving your home and without spending.

3. Quickly information
Virtual tour can be easily found on the Internet and provide information to the buyer of the property houses, schools and local attractions. Buyers can effortlessly show home for their family and friends just to be in touch via email or social networks.

Benefits a virtual tour on your website
  • 90% of buyers search information online.
  • Virtual tours can get over 4 million visits every day.
  • Listings with virtual tours receive 40% more clicks than listings without virtual tours.
  • With a Virtual Tours, people will stay glued to their computer, tablet or smart phone for an average of 180 seconds.
  • People judge a book by it's cover in less than 3 seconds.

So the house which is represented in the virtual tour needs no other maintenance like cleaning and refurbishing. The time that would be spent on giving tours will be spent sealing the deal and signing  of a contract.

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