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Joomla free extensions to support Ukraine

Blog 1 March 2022 Sergiy Gorstka

Dear customers,

Despite the fact we are a US registered company, our development team is located in Ukraine. After months of threats and blackmailing, Russia had started its war against Ukraine. It's been 6 days while Ukrainian army resists superior power of Russian aggressor. Cities of Ukraine are bombed, civilians are killed in the streets, people have to stay in shelters and basements almost all the time. The sounds of war are everywhere.

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How to avoid drop in SEO ranking with real estate IDX integration

Property Websites 28 July 2021 Sergiy Gorstka

Real estate IDX or MLS integration is a proven way to automate listings population online. Such integration allows to have many content rich pages with actual property information 24/7. What can be better than a website with auto-populated rich content pages, right? But there is a detail on how integration is done, which may totally ruin search ranking benefits for your website.

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Getting clients online is any restaurant's dream

Food Websites 26 July 2021 Sergiy Gorstka

According to statistics, revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment is projected to reach 5-15% in 2022 for countries all over the world. While COVID-19 pandemia performs as a booster for transition to online food ordering, for many restaurants it is a matter of staying in the business. When it comes to online presence, some restaurants can barely keep their PDF or JPG food menus actual, never mind taking orders online. How can a restaurant establish and maintain the online presence?

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MLS/IDX integration as a smart way to keep property website up-to-date

Property Websites 21 July 2021 Sergiy Gorstka

Any Broker or Agency real estate website requires the most actual information reflected in the listings. Some time ago, the only way to maintain the most up-to-date information was manual listings editing. As technology evolves, any real estate website can benefit from a reliable and zero time-consuming MLS/IDX integration for 24/7 information update.

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Reliable booking solution for Virtuemart with daily rentals

Rental Websites 20 July 2021 Sergiy Gorstka

Rental industry with its low investments and simple process has always been a good choice for small businesses. Rent is a good way to save for customers on repair tools, clothes, camping trailers, etc. This concept started so-called "share economy", which is actively replacing common "ownership economy".

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