Joomla free extensions to support Ukraine

Blog 1 March 2022

Dear customers,

Despite the fact we are a US registered company, our development team is located in Ukraine. After months of threats and blackmailing, Russia had started its war against Ukraine. It's been 6 days while Ukrainian army resists superior power of Russian aggressor. Cities of Ukraine are bombed, civilians are killed in the streets, people have to stay in shelters and basements almost all the time. The sounds of war are everywhere.

Our team stayed in Ukraine and stands with people of Ukraine, ready to fight for its freedom and sovereignty. As the conflict escalates and continues longer, it becomes to maintain the same level of support and fulfill our deadlines on custom development projects. We put on hold all our current projects and do not take any new jobs, until the conflict is over.

Our reaction to all happening is total and unconditional ban of all users from Russian and Belarus, which supported Russian aggression. Anyone who support this war will be banned and removed immediately. We will not take part in development of anything related or integrated to any Russian or Belarusian products and/or services.

We decided to make our products free for all the customers for at least the next 6 months. This way, we want to encourage people to support Ukraine and Ukrainian Army. You just download any product you like, then go to Product Admin -> Add-ons section and download all the add-ons you like. There are no hidden fees or any obligations. Use the products as they are. Support and upgrades will be minimal, if any, due to situation. We will get back to regular schedule after the conflict is over.

All donations to support people of Ukraine welcome here - donate to support Ukraine. The payment goes directly to the national bank.

Claim your position, stand with democracy and freedom, support Ukraine!

Слава УкраЇні!