Protect your site from hacking

Protect your site from hacking
Website development 12 October 2017

Unfortunately, it is very likely that your site will be hacked someday, as thousands of people have been trying to do it. Their motivation varies - some want to attach a virus or advertisement to it in order to get profit; some might deny your access to your own site and demand money for restoring it.

Security issues and lack of website updates often make websites an easy target even for advanced users never mind hackers. After person gets access to files and database there are a lot of scenarios of how website can be infected. In any case it means nothing good to website owner.The sooner you detect odd behaviour in your hosting account the more data you will be able to store or prevent your clients' personal information from being stolen.

As for hackers, they will eat your website for lunch.Site owner needs to be extremely careful because as soon as someone who is knowledgeable in computers gains access to the stored data, there are an endless number of ways how to disserve any website. That's why, the hacker attacks can be fatal for the site lifecycle and certainly is not a benefit for the owner.
In the head of the website owner immediately pop up the question: "What can I do if my Joomla site has been hacked?"

Fastw3b Team with more than 7 years of experience in the field of restoring hacked Joomla website will help website owners to recover the damaged site and remove the threat.

In hacked site recovery, the volume of the data you can save after the hacker attack depends on the time you've noticed a strange behaviour on your property.
Once you detected something suspicious going on with your account address to experts to recover as more data as you will be able. The website owner should also undertake steps to prevent the hackers from future stealing.

What if Joomla website was hacked? How to fix?

If you suddenly are unable to login in the administration part of your Joomla website or if you visit your site and observe some strange pages or images, then you probably have to admit that you got hacked.

Our service includes 7 steps: 

1. Disable the hacked website 
The access will be available only from two IP addresses - yours and ours. It will guarantee that hackers won't be able to entry your Joomla! database. In addition, we will change all password for administration part. 

2. Scanning of the file system 
Fastw3b Team will carefully scan all the files stored in your website databases. 

3. Detection of the harmful code or file 
Our specialist will go through all information and find the damaging item in the system. 

4. Remove an unsafe code 
After finding the problem that caused the damage to your website and immediately delete all traces of the damage from the site. 

5. Hacked site recovery 
Fastw3b Team fully restores all functional of your site and makes sure that all the damage that was made has been removed. 

6. Reinforce the safety of your system and implement more Joomla tools 
Our experienced Team will revise the security strategy of the damaged website and reconsider the using of the additional tools for the protection of your website. 

7. Compiling of the recommendations for future website security
After the hacked attack on your site, it is necessary to maintain the future safety of your site and keep it from any further damages. 

Fastw3b Team will recover any damaged website built on Joomla!, detect the danger and remove all security issues and create the list of recommendations that can help you to prevent such attacks in the future.

The service is recover hacked website is worth $149.99
If you want to enhance your website security or find that your site is hacked fill in the form below or contact us via online chat FW Real Estate right now!

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