Template Websites vs. Custom Web Design: What's the Difference?

Template Websites vs. Custom Web Design Whats the Difference Fastw3b
Website development 4 March 2018

When you need to make the site, the main question being asked is a template or custom design. There are pluses and minuses to each method and you can choose the option that’s going to best meet your business’s needs and budget.

Template Website Design

There are many options for people who want to build their own websites.Website template is a ready site in which the design is developed by specialists in advance. 

While custom sites allow for countless design and development possibilities, they’re not necessary in all cases. For start-ups that need only a simple online brochure, or small businesses that just want a modest online presence, a pre-built or template-based site is a great choice. 


  • Some templates in its design is not inferior to the individual.
  • You can choose what you like and do not think about the fact that the final version may not suit you.
  • Price is much lower than that of an individual site.
  • A wide range of different design options.


  • Many themes have built-in features and functionality you might not use and ultimately may weigh your website down. You also may have to put up with designs or features that don’t fit your business or brand, or pay someone to change it.
  • If you or someone else changes the underlying coding, it becomes difficult or impossible to update the theme if upgrades are released. What started out as a way to get a website up quickly can end up taking more time and money to get what you want.
Custom Website Design

A custom site is developed from scratch — the navigational structure, graphics, functions, and administrative back-end are all designed based on your specifications.

Individual site is a creative design solution that is designed specifically for a particular order.
Custom website design involves hiring a website design firm to do the heavy lifting for you. You’ll be able to control the process and get custom features built into the design to make it easy for your administrator to manage the website.

Because custom website design includes more than simply how the website looks, it may seem like the process takes a little longer at the outset. However, it can save time in the long run because your website design partner ensures your site does just what you want it to do.


  • The ability to make your website truly “yours.”
  • Custom web design helps with branding.
  • Less updating is necessary.
  • Order a personal website greatly increase the company's image, such a website will look much more expensive and will be exclusive.
  • The more interesting and unusual site is, the more it will attract customers.
  • Individual order allow you to make all the desires of the customer.
What to choose?

The choice depends on many factors is the budget, the desire to work out the details and design, as well the availability of time and patience. If you have time and money to develop, is better to choose an individual site.

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