New Demo Website Solution: demo bar

Website development 8 May 2019

Fastw3b team has come up with a new demo solution. Now the demo website features a demo bar that is shown at the top of the page and enables live preview of top products’ features. Let’s review all key functionalities below:

  • Test back-end management before the purchase. This is extremely helpful because this is the key functionality that typically undergoes testing. It also allows testing front-end management if it is available for a product. So now you can easily access front-end and back-end management console where you will able to manage user profile as well as test products’ features at the front-end and back-end. 


  • Test responsive layouts. By clicking the respective buttons with device icons - Desktop view, Tablet view, Smartphone view, you can check if the website renders properly on the screen size it appears on.


  • Switch between products’ demos right on the spot using demo selector menu. So all users are now able to preview another demo website with fewer actions. Just select a product demo from the menu list and you will link to the product demo without going back to the product page in order to view it.
  • View product details. Clicking the details button you can immediately link to the product page for more information about products features and purchase terms. It also allows to access product documentation providing the users with all details on how to get started and interact with the product.
Please note that all demo websites’ databases are reset every few hours to avoid any misuse. Also, for security reasons, all demo files and folders are not writable so any files uploaded to a website will be removed.