4 reasons to create Mobile Application for your Real Estate business

5 reasons to create Mobile Application for your Real Estate business
Property Websites 14 March 2017

Mobile applications have substantially taken place in our everyday life. With technology evolution we got devices that are as powerful as laptops and can easily fit into our pockets. In the light of this change mobile application development became a necessity for Real Estate business needs.

As many people say «mobile is a new web» and they have a point. This doesn’t mean that in the mean time websites will transform into mobile applications, but this definitely means that having an app significantly increases a chance of being more successful and reach wider target audience.
Nowadays this is a must to have mobile friendly website, but many companies go further and develop apps for their website to simplify user experience and add vivid options that web tools can’t provide.

Mobile application development always starts with setting up eventual goal. It may promote, sell, inform or drive more traffic to the website by the means of a handy user interface. As mobile devices have smaller screens comparing to laptops and desktop computers it is very important to design every screen accurately. When all is designed it needs additional testing to make sure user can navigate an app without any problems and doubts. Logic and usability testing are very important. When all is done app gets coded. The next step is full app testing including detailed technical aspects. After that app is ready for publishing on a market with respective marketing description and promotional screenshots.

So what is a mobile app going to do for your business?
Top 4 reasons of going down this path sooner rather than later!

1. Create a Direct Marketing Channel
Apps serve many functions: provide general info, prices, booking forms, search features, user accounts,news feeds, and ets.
One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile app is that all the information you’d like to provide to your customers – including special sales and promotions – is right at their fingertips.

2. Use your Mobile Application as a presentation tool all your listings 
90% of buyers begin searching for homes online before they actually see the home in person. So you’d better get into photography or your listing is never going to sell.

3.Be in touch with your customers 24/7
Negotiate with your clients to show your property with help of open houses which have crucial to selling a home quickly.

4. There are many opportunities for loyalty.
You can use coupons because it is great tools that provide incentive for customers. By simply offering 30% off exclusively through the app, you reward your most loyal customers who’ve taken the time to download your app;
Also customers be confident that they have received the best deal, you still keep them coming back with the incentive of more earnings.

When it comes to development everybody knows that there are 2 main companies who share mobile apps market:
- Apple with  AppStore
- Google with Google Play. 

Apple as iOS app development has much higher development and usability standards. There are lots of standards developers should follow to get application approved and published on the AppStore.
Android app development is not that much standardized which is good and bad at the same time. Google Play doesn’t ask much for validating the app and there is no manual validation involved into the process. It seems that Google relies on a review based system in app listings letting users decide which app is better.

Developing mobile application is a great challenge in every aspect. This is the reason why successful apps gets thousand of downloads when all is done properly. We will be happy to use all our knowledge to mobile app for your business and make it successfull.

Our company offers a Mobile Development service starting with composing a specification and finishing with upload to AppStore or Google Play.
Process includes detailed specification, prototype development, design, development, website integration, testing and uploading to the market with all promotion and marketing information.

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