How to create a PDF catalog of your property for 1 minute?

How to create your own property in a PDF catalog for 1 minute Fastw3b
Property Websites 10 May 2018

Export your listings in a PDF catalog is very useful function for the website by which you can present it to your customers in electronic or printed form.

Today's buyer is looking to get the most information out of online sources. Whether it is property listings, example images and videos or customer reviews, flipping ebooks give you a powerful way to display products and embed rich media.
This module allows you to export your entire property catalog in a file in "PDF" format to send it to your customers or to develop your business
Real estate brochure needs to reinforce trust & confidence in you and your business so that the customers call you back.

4 features of your property in a PDF catalog

1. Сreating catalog is the excellent solution.
User can create catalog for all properties which user searching and choosing. All categories and properties information is usability.

2. Perfectly Responsive
Catalog automatically adapt to all devices. Readers can access your content in a comfortable way, regardless of where they are.

3. Easy Embed
Embed your online Catalogs into your website using the embed wizard. Size, colors and many additional options at any time.

4. Connect your catalog with millions of people
Your сatalogs will be available to millions of readers worldwide. Furthermore, you retain full control by allocating access rights.

Export your listings in a PDF catalog can automaticaly load the information of the properties online, add catalog cover, index and content from the given templates as you want. You can burn your packaged PDF Catalog to CD or mail it to your customers directly.
Also, all customers like to have a PDF document for all of your properties, because a PDF is available quickly and at any time. Viewing a PDF document, to see prices or properties is faster than web browsing, which is why it is important to offer customers a PDF report that can be printed.

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