Benefits Website Coffee House with Table Booking Function

Benefits Website Coffee House with Table Booking Function
Food Websites 9 May 2017

In the US more than 60% of visitors Coffee House reserve a table in advance using the service table booking. The service is in demand and continues to find new fans and be improved.
In order for Coffee House owners to keep organized, limit the number of open tables, and reduce waiting time for customers, it’s important that they develop and maintain a reliable and efficient reservation system.
Booking system is flexible and configured in different ways, depending upon the needs of your Coffee House.

Here are some ways Coffee House booking are beneficial to owners, staff, and customers

1. Reduce waiting time. Not only are Coffee House reservations beneficial to owners and kitchen staff, but they help make the dining experience for customers more enjoyable.

2. Take orders even when you close. Customers can book tables online 24 hours a day. In addition, you save time spent responding to calls and emails.With an online booking system the guests book their tables through your homepage. 

3. Prepare staff for a rush. On the contrary, if the reservation schedule is showing that they're going to be packed, chefs and kitchen staff will have a fair warning to be prepared for an incoming rush at a specific time. 

Benefits Table Booking function for customers and owners

For Customers:

  • Easy and user-friendly table planner
  • Allows convenient 24/7 access, not only during operating hours
  • Eliminates the need to make a phone call
  • Doesn’t require to wait for an employee to answer
  • Lets easily read reviews of your restaurant and compare prices online

For Coffee House Owners:

  • Reduces time devoted to taking calls during operation hours
  • Gives you the ability to reject or confirm reservations via email
  • SMS confirmation at time of booking and reminder before the visit
  • Automatic allocation of free tables
  • Saves guest information (such as phone and e-mail)