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Everyday media presentation and management for business needs

Gallery Websites 19 July 2021 Sergiy Gorstka

Every business has corporate meetings, events and vacations that are posted on a company website to share with clients and employees. With lots of social media channels these days, such content often goes to individual profiles. Too bad, these photos do not show up on a corporate website. Well, there is a way to fix it.

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Upgrading FW Gallery to v5.0.0: one for all

Gallery Websites 25 July 2019 Kate Vakulich

FW Gallery 5.0.0 is a major release focused on the new component architecture. It serves as a basic model for all subsequent FW Gallery releases and works as a single platform with a set of add-ons that are allocated into two packages corresponding to the former Light and Grand versions. Add-ons are FW Gallery specific Joomla extensions (modules, plugins, data type, and design).

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What’s totally new in FW Gallery v5.0.0

Gallery Websites 22 July 2019 Kate Vakulich

The new FW Gallery is a feature-rich component with many new powerful solutions. Now it is an entirely new component with grids, designs, file info display effects, and on hover effects independent from each other. The additional features such as video display, import/export functionality, tags functionality, etc. are implemented via Add-ons (FW Gallery specific functional extensions, data types and designs) allocated in its own section in Admin Panel. 

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New FW Gallery concept: platform with add-ons

Gallery Websites 18 July 2019 Kate Vakulich

FW Gallery has evolved into a multiple add-ons concept. Now there are no Light and Grand versions. It is the only FW Gallery component with extra add-ons split into free and paid which corresponds to former Light and Grand versions.

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Importing Instagram content to Joomla website with FW Gallery 

Gallery Websites 16 July 2019 Kate Vakulich

Instagram is a powerful source of content for a media Joomla gallery website. Now, thanks to FW Gallery Instagram Plugin getting the content into your Joomla website has never been easier. Whether you want to increase your traffic, grow your business online presence, save a ton of time on preparing the content or simply keep a safe backup of your Instagram images and posts, Instagram import will get the job done.

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