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Reliable booking solution for Virtuemart with daily rentals

Rental Websites 20 July 2021 Sergiy Gorstka

Rental industry with its low investments and simple process has always been a good choice for small businesses. Rent is a good way to save for customers on repair tools, clothes, camping trailers, etc. This concept started so-called "share economy", which is actively replacing common "ownership economy".

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Setting up a Party Rentals website with FW Virtuemart Rental extension

Rental Websites 13 June 2019 Kate Vakulich
For many business owners getting a rental website with a booking functionality can be tricky, but we will show it is not. In this article, we will review a common Party Rental website with booking service created with FW Virtuemart Rental. You can see the final result at Party rentals on demo.
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FW VM Rental release v3.10.0 - discount prices

Rental Websites 6 June 2019 Kate Vakulich
This release introduces a new feature - discount prices. Offering discounts is a sure way to increase sales multifold. So we assume that this new feature will have a positive impact on user experience.
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FW VM Rental: Baby Carriage rentals

Rental Websites 23 April 2019 Kate Vakulich

In this article, we will review a showcase dedicated to kids rentals - baby carriage rentals. Based on the showcase, we will highlight the following features - group rentals, category price and stock, and pricing grid. 

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