FW VirtueMart Rental v3.6.1

Rental Websites 18 January 2019

In this release, we have done a few bugfixes and updates to improve user experience with FW VirtueMart Rental. Let’s review all of the changes below:

  • Layout styles update. We have removed some Booking form display failures, which resulted from previous total Booking form design update.
  • Rental price is 0 when the form is empty. Even though the dates are not chosen within the calendars, the total rental price is displayed as “0”. This feature brings more clarity to the price calculation process.
  • Total price includes deposit price. Now if the dates are selected deposit price will be included in the total rental price.
  • Deposit and Insurance fields display. Bug resulted in system titles display on the front-end. Now deposit and Insurance fields are displayed as text areas.

Get familiar with FW VirtueMart Rental documentation to find more information about FW VirtueMart Rental. Please use the comments section at the bottom of each documentation page to comment and suggest improvements that will make the product experience better.