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FW VM Rental release v3.10.0 - discount prices

Rental Websites 6 June 2019 Kate Vakulich
This release introduces a new feature - discount prices. Offering discounts is a sure way to increase sales multifold. So we assume that this new feature will have a positive impact on user experience.
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FW Food Menu release v1.7.0 - new category layout

Food Websites 4 June 2019 Kate Vakulich
In this release, we implemented a series of new features and updates along with several bug fixes. The prominent feature of this release is a new Category layout bringing the whole new concept to menu presentation. Let’s review all of the changes below:
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FW Real Estate Data Management: backup and restore functionality

Property Websites 11 May 2019 Kate Vakulich

Fasw3b team has come up with a new solution to FW Real Estate data management - backup and restore functionality. Backup and restore functionality is an efficient solution for real estate websites to easily backup and restore properties, agents, and images data within a short time period. 

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FW Gallery: portfolio of the interior studio

Gallery Websites 10 May 2019 Kate Vakulich

In this article, we will review a professional and good-looking showcase of the portfolio website created with FW Gallery. The showcase is dedicated to the portfolio of the interior studio. A portfolio website is an essential tool for developing your business and building your professional brand. You can use this showcase to create your own portfolio website involving the presentation of products or services with media content.

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