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Realtor vs. Agency website

Property Websites 17 April 2019 Kate Vakulich

In this article, we will explain the key differences between realtor and agency website, highlight what is needed to keep a real estate website up-to-date, and outline the required features for a successful property listing website.

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FW Gallery v4.9.0 release - video cover

Gallery Websites 19 March 2019 Kate Vakulich

In this version, we have improved the product with several new features and a set of updates and bug fixes. Video gallery cover has become one of the most prominent features of this release. Let’s review its benefits and all other changes below:

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FW VM Rental: Outdoor gear group rentals

Rental Websites 12 March 2019 Kate Vakulich

A rental services industry is growing steadily so if you are considering to add rental functionality to your Joomla website, FW VirtueMart Rental Plugin is an effective solution here. There are many different types of rental businesses - party rentals, bicycle rentals, dresses and suits rentals, etc. In this article, we will review an outdoor gear rental showcase created based on FW VirtueMart Rental Plugin.

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FW Food Menu Showcase: Coffee shop

Food Websites 12 March 2019 Kate Vakulich

In a highly competitive food and restaurant industry having a website makes your effort to grow your business easier. We understand that food and restaurant industry is diverse so the menus also should be diverse and reflect the needs of the particular restaurant business. FW Food Menu is a great solution for creating effective food and restaurant industry websites. In this article, we will review a coffee shop showcase created with FW Food Menu.

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