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FW Real Estate Update

Property Websites 29 May 2018 Sergiy Gorstka

This month we’ve fixed some bugs and released a few upgrades:

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How to create your own property in a PDF catalog for 1 minute Fastw3b

How to create a PDF catalog of your property for 1 minute?

Property Websites 10 May 2018 Sergiy Gorstka

Export your listings in a PDF catalog is very useful function for the website by which you can present it to your customers in electronic or printed form.

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Google Maps Clustering on your Realtor website

Property Websites 12 April 2018 Sergiy Gorstka

Clustering simplifies data visualization by combining the data which are close to each other on the map in general form.

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Template Websites vs. Custom Web Design Whats the Difference Fastw3b

Template Websites vs. Custom Web Design: What's the Difference?

Website development 4 March 2018 Sergiy Gorstka

When you need to make the site, the main question being asked is a template or custom design. There are pluses and minuses to each method and you can choose the option that’s going to best meet your business’s needs and budget.

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How to create a successful Real Estate blog in your website Fastw3b

How to create a successful Real Estate blog on your website: 8 Tips for writing text

Property Websites 11 February 2018 Sergiy Gorstka

If you want to make your blog successful and popular, it should have several key elements. So, to get started you need to define the purpose of your blog.

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