Real Estate MLS/IDX/XML Integration

Automate property listings population from remote source with individual fields configuration and update rules.

MLS/IDX/XML Integration service includes:

  • MLS/IDX/XML integration with standard FWRE extension fields. Any extra fields can be added at additional cost approximately $50 per field.
  • Existing fields format update (if needed) to match MLS/IDX/XML schema.
  • Cron job setup for regular (daily/hourly) one way (MLS/IDX/XML -> website) synchronization.
  • 1 month maintenance support to make sure all work correctly and synchronization is working as expected.
$349.00 USD

MLS/IDX/XML Integration is a complex process that needs technical skills. That's why we don't offer it out of the box and develop a custom plugin for you to use with FW Real Estate. During the process we add custom search and filter parameters and add fields that client may need. We test everything to make sure it all works correctly and provide maintenance period to address any issues that arise.

The job would de delivered as a plugin for FW Real Estate which will help to avoid manual upgrade every time extension release comes out. Plugin would be integrated into FWRE extension and will have configuration parameters for the most important parameters.

Please note that you need to have access to actual MLS/IDX/XML feed or a file server where you can get regular update of MLS/IDX database. It can be XML/JSON feed or CSV file or anything else. Realtor MLS/IDX/XML account must allow access to such up-to-date properties feed.

The time frame for MLS/IDX/XML integration is approximately 5-6 days to configure import and test process.

In order to start the job we will need:

  1. Joomla real estate website with the latest version of FWRE Realtor or Agency. Joomla admin and FTP access (cPanel if available).
  2. Payment for the service. When you are ready to go ahead we will add payment link to your Transactions in Client Section.
  3. MLS/IDX/XML working access to property database. This is needed for testing purposes only. Can be a test or developer account to configure integration and make sure it all work.