Joomla! Custom Development

Develop your new website from scratch. Order an individual Joomla extension. Integratate 3rd party service into your website.

No fixed price. Pricing and time frame will depend on scope. Please contact our manager to get a quote via Customer Support.


As your website matures and your business grows you always need new features and options to reflect new features, options, changes in company on your website. Sometimes it's only content update, but when you have real changes in your business you always need some functionality changes. There is always something you want to improve or something that wasn't done properly before. In any case PHP customizations are the most common jobs for existing websites.
  •  Optimize website performance and increase security
  •  SEO optimization always requires functional changes to achieve best results
  •  Extend your website functionality with new features and options
  •  Integrate 3rd party extensions and services
  •  Fix old bugs or change functional process flow entirely
  •  Replace old hacks with better solution