Migrate to Joomla!


No fixed price. Pricing and time frame will depend on scope. Please contact our manager to get a quote via Customer Support.

When you create your first website you often follow your deveoper/designer advice. With time your provider may go out of business or change his preference in technology or simply change procong model which is not suitable for you. This can happen to any website actually and there is no guarantee that your website platform is optimal for your business. There are many reasons why you may want to change the platform:

  • Your business structure has changed and another platform works better for you.
  • Another CMS has better reliable solution for your needs.
  • You lost contact with your developer and can't find anyone who wants to work on your website.
  • Your current platform is too expensive in maintenance and promotion.
  • Tired of being hacked.
  • Looking for higher ranking in the search engines.