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Online menu for restaurants, cafe and bars.
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FW Food menu modules: overview

Modules add more functionality to your Joomla website. FW Food menu component comes with 2 modules in the package. In this section, we will cover the modules’ configuration and settings in the following order:

Get familiar with the corresponding tutorials to learn how to configure the modules to provide more functionality to your website.


FWFM Coffee Shop Design
Meals & category coffee theme with its colors and fonts.
FWFM Italian Design
Meals and category italian theme with its colors and fonts.
FWFM Category Navigation
Builds a list of categories out of selected parent categories with its childs with option to hide items with hiddent titles. Using categories with no titles allows to add text blocks inbetween categories, thus they will not contain any meals.
FWFM Order Basket
Shows order summary box with the list of all items slected for order, delivery options, tax and order notes. This module suplicates Order summary from Order Online layout. FWFM Order Online add-on is required for module to work.
FWFM Cascading Layout
Select categories and show them in separate tab like layout with their own design and alyout settings.
FWFM Category PDF
Add PDF menu version file to any category. A new PDF file upload option will be available for Category Add/Edit page as soon as add-on is installed and activated. There is also Show/Hide option in case you decide not to publish uploaded PDF file, but want to keep it in a categroy for some reason.
FWFM Color & Background
Adds text and background color and background image options to Meals and Category Add/Edit forms in Admin. FWFM Color & Background helps to make some items or sections stand out or just have a unique presentation of a menu.
FWFM Columns Layout
Adds Columns parameter for all categories layouts. 1,2 or 3 columns can be set in global Settings or individually for any meal Category. All child category will inherit parent Columns parameter setting.
FWFM Google Structured Data
Wraps HTML code generated by FW Food Menu with microfrmat data that helps search bots to index meal pages fatser and better present them in search results.
FWFM Images
Adds Image section to Meal Add/Edit dialog and a Title image parameter to Category Add/Edit. Also FWFM Images enables meal slideshow in background of a category on a Category layout.
FWFM Order Online
A cart system that adds order option to meals menu. FWFM Order Online add-on enables Order section in Admin allowing to view collected orders. Also it adds Order Online layout that was designed specifically for online food order and has search bar for meals on top, categories directory on the left and order total on the right. At checkout a customer may select delivery time and add comments, which will be added to an order and saved along with contact information and order details.
FWFM Prices & Discounts
Adds Pricing table to Mela Add/Edit page in Admin allowing to set multiple prices for a meal modifications with labels and discounts. Discounts goes as a separate column where you set a special price which shows red on a front-end with old price crossed. Label helps to identify meal portion or extras added to a meal and price for meal with such modification.
FWFM Promo Module
A signle meal promo block adjusted with a max size, easily designed with one out of the box designs and tuned with a special promo label. Promo block may be added everywhere where a module can be placed - in a module position or inside an article. Key part of the block is a meal image, so make sure you add images for promo meals at least. Other elements like FWFM Order Online (Order button), FWFM Prices & Discounts (price label and dicount) and FWFM Meal Badges addons will appear on promo block if available.
FWFM Meal Badges
Activates Badges section in Admin allowing to add custom badges using FontAwesome icons and add text labels that will show up as hints when icon is hovered on a front-end. Icons will appear next to a meal title. Meal badges can be applied to multiple meals using Batch Operations button in Meals section in Admin.
FWFM Multilingual
Multilingual option that allows all layouts to choose active Joomla! languages to set content for each language separately and make sure everything is translated for each meal and category.