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Meal category

Meal category module configuration

FW Meal category module enables you to display a category with menu items in a module. In this tutorial, we will learn how to display the meal category module on the front-end of your Joomla powered restaurant website.

We will proceed as follows:

How to display the meal category module

First, make sure that the meal category module is activated:

  1. Locate Modules section. To learn how to locate Modules section, repeat steps 1-3 from Meal categories tutorial.

  2. Find Meal category module in the list of modules and enable it if it is needed. To learn how to enable the module, review step 4 in Meal categories tutorial.

Now, let’s learn how to display the module.

  1. Locate Meal category module module in the Title column and click on it in order to access module settings.

  1. Locate Module tab.

  2. Mouse over Select categories field and choose Soup and Second courses form the dropdown.

  3. Locate Columns Qty field and select two.

  4. Locate Display PDF download button and select No. If you want PDF download button to be displayed on the top of the menu, set it as Yes.

  5. Mouse over Display image field and select Yes. Thus, all menu items images will be displayed on the front-end of your website.

  6. Locate Layout design field and choose Coffee Shop.

  1. Locate Show title option and click Yes.

  2. Mouse over the Position dropdown and choose bottom-content from the list.

  3. Locate Status dropdown and choose Published from the list.

  1. Switch to the Menu Assignment tab.

  2. Locate Module Assignment dropdown and choose Only on the pages selected menu item.

  3. Select Category module page. Thus, the module will be displayed on this particular page.

  1. Click Save button. Your screen should look similar to the screenshot below.

Once the module is configured and assigned to the menu item, let’s go to the front-end to check how it is displayed.