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FWFM Italian Design


Design inspired with Itialian menu stylimg and colors. Will look authentic with any Pizza & Pasta meals menu. Traditional colors palette and selected fonts help to bring some Italian touches to menu design. Has special design for Promo badges which would become available with Promo plugin and promo badges switched to Text Badges.

Compatibility: Joomla! 3.9.*
Current version: 1.1.0
Release date: 17 September 2020

All Features

Italian design
Italy inspired design and colors for category list and menu items layouts. All other elements that come with add-ons are included and designed as well.

Meals and category italian theme with its colors and fonts.constant-hint/title

Meals and category italian theme with its colors and fonts.

CSS Styles
Customize CSS styles with your own overrides in this section and keep it after upgrade. Only Custom CSS tab is editable all other files help to look up default styling and copy in case of need.
Italian CSS Tab FWFM Italian
Non-editable source CSS file for FWFM Italian design loaded here for reference to look up needed styles and redefine in Custom CSS tab if needed. Use Custom CSS tab to store your CSS modifications to prevent them from loss at the update.