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FW Gallery Latest module configuration and settings

FW Gallery Latest module allows to display the pictures from the gallery of your choice. In this tutorial, we will learn how to place a picture or several pictures from your gallery on any page of your website using Latest module.

We will proceed as follows:

How to configure FW Gallery Latest module

First, let’s enable FW Gallery Latest module.

  1. Log in to your administrator panel using your credentials.

  2. Repeat steps 1-5 of Slideshow tutorial.

Now, let’s configure Latest module settings.

  1. Locate Latest module settings to configure the module. You can locate Latest module settings in either of two ways:
  • Click on FW Gallery Latest Module name.


  • Check the box.

  • Click Edit button.

  1. Locate Module tab.

  2. Locate Gallery dropdown and select All from the list. Thus, the images from all galleries will be displayed on the front-end.

  1. Locate Qty images textbox and enter 20 into it. Thus, 20 images will be displayed on the front-end.

  2. Locate Ordering dropdown and select Newest first from the list.

  3. Mouse over Display Date field and select Yes.

  4. Locate Display Name field and elect Yes.

  5. Locate Layout field and click Trendy.

  6. Mouse over Image width, px textbox and enter 225 into it.

  7. Locate Image height, px textbox and enter 225 into it.

  8. Locate Position dropdown and select position-2 from the list. Thus, you can set a position where you would like to place the latest module.

  9. Locate Status dropdown and choose Published from the list. Your screen should look similar to the screenshot below:

  1. Switch to the Menu Assignment tab.

  2. Locate Module Assignment dropdown and choose On all pages from the list. Thus, the latest module will be displayed on all pages of your website.

  3. Click Save button. Your screen should look similar to the screenshot below:

Having set all settings for your Latest module, go to the front-end to view how it is displayed.