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FW Food Menu tutorial for Joomla!
Joomla! 3.10.x, 4.0.x

Online food ordering system with payment and delivery options. Responsive menu with meals promo and add-ons, individual category/sub-category design and layout settings for café, bars and restaurants.

Current version: 4.9.0
Release date: 07 December 2021
  • or higher

All Features

Responsive Online Menu
Mobile friendly layouts for best performance and look on any device. Default minimalistic design is built on Bootstrap and can use its own library to avoid conflicts.
Layout options
Category list or Menu layout available for menu items. Every layout has additional menu item options for final tuning. Available add-ons can be tuned on/off as needed.
Categories & sub-categories
Unlimited number of categories and sub-categories allowed. Food, drinks menu categories designed by any criteria in any sequence.
Currency settings
Price currency parameters for proper sign and abbreviation codes. Currency is used for Online Order add-on to show price and calculate total.
Meal HTML description
Create your menu style with HTML description for every meal. If you need to change look and feel of every item pay attention to design add-ons.
Individual category settings
Categories has their own settings and can configured individually. It allows to make empty parent category and then have sub-category listed in 2 columns.
Text and image blocks
Use empty category HTML description to add text and image blocks in-between other categories or on a side.
Quick tools
Use Quick Meals and Quick Categories to create menu structure in fill it with data in minutes in a text mode.

Topics in this section

Front-end Layouts
All FW Food Menu front-end layouts that can be assigned as menu items to the main or some other menu are described in this section with screenshots and parameters available.
Admin Sections
All FW Food Menu admin sections that can be found at Joomla! Admin -> Components -> FW Food Menu are described in this section with screenshots and parameters available.