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FW Gallery tutorial for Joomla!

FW Gallery overview and structure

FW Gallery is a full-featured component with many powerful integrated solutions such as gallery grids, file info display effects, on hover effects, etc. Based on the add-ons concept, it allows creating a complex and responsive gallery website adding extra functionalities by means FW Gallery Joomla specific add-ons. Learn more about FW Gallery add-ons here. In this section, we will cover all incorporated component functionalities in the following sections:

Get familiar with each section to learn how to create a gallery website that stands out.

Topics in this section

FW Gallery features two layout types: File layout and Galleries Layout. The File layout is used for displaying one file on a single page while Galleries layout is used for displaying multiple galleries on a single page. Get familiar with the tutorials below to learn how to display a gallery/file on your website:
In this tutorial, we will learn how to create and configure a gallery.
Gallery settings
Configuring your basic gallery settings is a simple and quick way to customize the way that your galleries look on the front-end. This can be done through the Configuration section. Use it to change settings in more than one gallery at a time. In this section, we will cover the basic gallery settings in the following order:
FW Gallery add-ons are FW Gallery Joomla specific tools adding extra functionalities to the main FW Gallery component. There are the following FW Gallery add-ons types available - plugins, modules, designs, components, and data type. Choose from clean gallery designs, create mixed image-video galleries, set geolocation for your images, manage your galleries from the front-end, enable voting and social sharing, and many more, using FW Gallery add-ons.