Gallery Module

FW Gallery tutorial for Joomla!

FW Gallery Module configuration and settings

FW Gallery Module is a Joomla specific FW Gallery add-on allowing to display galleries and files (images and videos) in any module position on any page of the website. In this tutorial, we will learn how to display a gallery/file within FW Gallery Module on your website.

We will proceed as follows:

How to display FW Gallery module on your website

To display FW Gallery Module, you need to create and configure a gallery that will be displayed within the module. To learn how to create and configure a gallery, review Galleries tutorial. If you have a gallery in place, you can now proceed with configuring FW Gallery Module.

First, let’s make sure if FW Gallery Module is enabled:

  1. Go to the Add-ons section following Components=>FW Gallery=>Add-ons direction.

  1. Find FW Gallery Module in the list and make sure it is enabled. Use add-ons filter to filter add-ons by type.

Now, let’s locate module settings.

  1. Follow Extensions=>Modules direction.

  2. Click New button at the top left section of the screen.

  3. Find FW Gallery Module in the list and click on it.

Now, it’s time to configure module settings. We used sample parameters from the section above. You can use any other parameters for module configuration.

  1. Locate Title field and enter FW Gallery Module into it.

  2. Locate Select galleries dropdown and select “Great Lakes” from the list.

  1. Locate Position dropdown and choose Top content from the list.

  1. Switch to the menu assignment tab to assign a module to a particular menu item.

In our particular case, we display a module within the article.

  1. Locate Menu assignment dropdown and check FW Gallery Module menu item.

  2. Click Save button.

  3. Locate FW Gallery Module article following Content=>Articles direction.

  1. Click Module button at the bottom of the editor area.

  2. Find FW Gallery Module we have configured and click on it. As a result, module id appears within the editor area.

  1. Click Save button.

  1. Go to the front-end to verify the result.