File Layout

FW Gallery tutorial for Joomla!

File layout configuration and settings

FW Gallery File Layout is used for displaying a single file (image or video) on your gallery website. In this tutorial, we will learn how to display a single file using FW Gallery File Layout.

We will proceed as follows:

How to display a single file using FW Gallery File layout

Before displaying a file, you need to create a gallery and add a file to it. Review tutorials listed above, to learn how to do this. Once a gallery is created and a file is added, you can now create a page to display the file on it.

First, let’s create a menu item and assign FW Gallery File Layout to it. We will use the sample parameter from the above-specified section. You can use your own parameters to display a file on a page.

  1. Follow Menus=>Main Menu=>Add New Menu Item.

  2. Locate Menu Title field and enter Single image into it.

  3. Click Select button.

  4. Locate FW Gallery dropdown and select File Layout from the list. As a result, the File Layout is applied to a menu item being added.

Now, let’s display a file on the menu item.

  1. Switch to the Options tab.

  2. Locate Select File field and choose photography_02 from the list.

  3. Click Save button.

Go to the front-end to verify the result.