Getting started

FW Virtuemart Rental tutorial for Joomla!
Joomla! 3.10.x, 4.0.x

The easiest way to turn your selling website into a rental shop or start a new one. Rental periods, stock control, booking calendars, form designs and more.

Current version: 3.15.3
Release date: 13 January 2022
  • or higher

All Features

Virtuemart Native
Integrates into Virtuemart product payment block as a Custom Field Type.
Pricing Grid
Allows setting a pricing grid with terms divided by rental periods with respective recalculation.
Stock Control
Keeps track of booked and rented items for all products allowing only in-stock quantity.
Rent and/or Sale option
Allow rent and/or sell products when adding to cart for more flexibility.
Individual product settings
All product settings are individual and can be adjusted separately.
Deposit and insurance
Requires deposit and insurance amounts if required for a rent.
Multi-type rental products
Stock control can be adjusted to block quantity for paid and pending orders.
Booking delay
Some products may require prior preparation and need a booking in advance.
Date format
Start week day and date display for country native date format.
HTML comment
Add an HTML text as a comment to the rental form to explain rental peculiarities.
Price with and without taxes
Show rental pricing table with prices tax included and without it.
Form templates
Different form templates used for tax and non-tax rentals. Custom design available upon request.

Getting started with FW Virtuemart Rental

Online renting is on the rise and having great success today. Basically rental business is about renting the products to the customers for a particular period of time and generating income from the rental fee charged to a customer. With FW Virtuemart Rental plugin you can add more functionality to your rental website and make it simple and quick to use for both the owners of stuff and those who want to rent it. In this tutorial, we will learn how to get started with FW Virtuemart Rental.

We will proceed as follows:

How to purchase

To purchase FW Virtuemart Rental, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to

  2. Click Buy or Subscribe.

  1. If you have a coupon code for a discount, enter it into the field below and click Apply. If you do not have a coupon, proceed to the step 4.

  1. Select your payment method.

  1. Enter your payment details and click Pay button.

How to download

To download FW Virtuemart Rental, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your user account and choose Products from the dropdown.

  1. Locate a product in the Products section and click Download v. x.x.x button.

  2. Click Documentation button to learn more about FW Virtuemart Rental.

How to install

To install FW Virtuemart Rental, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your administrator panel using your credentials.

  1. Locate Extensions dropdown in the top menu of your Joomla control panel and click on it.

  2. Choose Manage => Install menu items.

  1. Locate Upload Package File tab.

  2. Upload a zip file in either of two ways:

  • Click the Or browse for file button and select a zip file
  • Click Open in the file upload window.


  • Drag the file to the drop area.

  1. Once the file is uploaded and installed, you will see the following message.

Now, let's check whether FW Virtuemart Rental plugin is activated.

  1. Locate Extensions dropdown in the top menu of your Joomla control panel and click on it.

  2. Choose Plugins from the list.

  1. Find FW VM Rental Plugin in the list of plugins.

  2. Enable the plugin if it is not enabled.