FW Food Menu

Online food ordering system with payment and delivery options. Responsive menu with meals promo and add-ons, individual category/sub-category design and layout settings for café, bars and restaurants.

Top Features

Show menu anywhere
FWFM Meals Layout
Use meal category with all its settings to show in a module position or a content item. No limits on categories per page. Categories may contain sub-categories.
Online order
FWFM Order Online
Add meals to shopping basket, update quantity, select meal sizes, send order to a manager specifying delivery time and extra comments if needed.
Price modifiers
FWFM Prices & Discounts
Adds a meal extras with respective price update. Allows choosing meal size when using Online Order add-on.

All Features

Responsive Online Menu
Mobile friendly layouts for best performance and look on any device. Default minimalistic design is built on Bootstrap and can use its own library to avoid conflicts.
Layout options
Category list or Menu layout available for menu items. Every layout has additional menu item options for final tuning. Available add-ons can be tuned on/off as needed.
Categories & sub-categories
Unlimited number of categories and sub-categories allowed. Food, drinks menu categories designed by any criteria in any sequence.
Currency settings
Price currency parameters for proper sign and abbreviation codes. Currency is used for Online Order add-on to show price and calculate total.
Meal HTML description
Create your menu style with HTML description for every meal. If you need to change look and feel of every item pay attention to design add-ons.
Individual category settings
Categories has their own settings and can configured individually. It allows to make empty parent category and then have sub-category listed in 2 columns.
Text and image blocks
Use empty category HTML description to add text and image blocks in-between other categories or on a side.
Quick tools
Use Quick Meals and Quick Categories to create menu structure in fill it with data in minutes in a text mode.
Cascading layout
FWFM Cascading Layout
Elegant and compact way to present categories in a tabbed way having each category loaded with its design and settings. Select only categories you need.
Categories navigation
FWFM Categories List
Jump/scroll between menu sections if shown on a single page. If shown outside Food Menu component will load first Food Menu page.
PDF Menu File
FWFM Category PDF
Upload menu category PDF file available for download. Let your visitors download meals with your corporate design. PDF file can be attached to every category.
Coffee shop design
FWFM Coffee House
Coffee shop inspired design and colors for category list and menu items layouts. All other elements that come with add-ons are included and designed as well.
Meal colors
FWFM Color & Background
Meal items foreground and background color settings in a category. Can be set individually for every category or use global settings.
Category colors
FWFM Color & Background
Category area foreground and background color settings. Can be set individually for every category or use global settings. Meal settings have priority.
Multi-column layout
FWFM Columns
Show meals in 1-3 columns with individual settings for every category. You can combine any column layout using sub-categories.
Meal image
FWFM Images
Assign picture to a meal or a drink to show visitors what meal looks like and make online menu more attractive.
Meal image placement
FWFM Images
Specify image placement on top, bottom, left, right per category to create needed layout for a certain menu section.
Meal title image
FWFM Images
Add an image to a category title and put it on top, left, right for best category presentation and ease of navigation.
Italian design
FWFM Italian Restaurant
Italy inspired design and colors for category list and menu items layouts. All other elements that come with add-ons are included and designed as well.
Meal badges
FWFM Meal Badges
Create a custom set of badges with own titles to use through menu meals and help customers find what they want.
Multilingual menu
FWFM Multilingual
Translate FW Food Menu in as many languages as you have installed on your website.
Items basket
FWFM Order Basket
Inline basket module for Online Order add-on that shows all selected items and allow add/update items and send order to a manager.
Pizzeria design
FWFM Pizzeria
Big pizza images inspired theme with round images on dark contrast backgrounds with bright category short descriptions.
FWFM Prices & Discounts
Set a discounted price for a meal to make it stand out in a menu list.
Price labels
FWFM Prices & Discounts
Name a meal options set with modifiers to make them clear to your customers.
Promote meal items
FWFM Promo
6 unique designs available to show meal of the day, new, special price or just a recommended item form a menu.
Meta data
FWFM SEO Booster
Meta description and keywords for categories. Product structured data for every meal item.
Sushi restaurant design
FWFM Sushi Restaurant
Traditional Japanese colors Sushi restaurant theme.


Any Interface Translation

The product comes with native English interface translation. Any additional language activated on your website can be installed via Translations section in Admin.

Multilingual Content

For multilingual websites, use FWFM Multilingual add-on. It allows to translate all content stored in FW Food Menu database into any number of additional languages.

Product Add-ons

The best way to show menu on a single page. Selecting any categories you want to show on a page you will see them exactly the way they were designe...
Category menu structure in a module that is helpfull to have on a side of long menus. It's only purpose is to show how menu is structured and help ...
Adds functionality to upload PDF version of online menu into a category and show Download PDF link next to category title. PDF can be created for e...
Ultimate design option to create unqiue category styling by setting text color, background color and image for category in whole or menu items. Can...
Adds Columns option for Categoris layout allowing wrapping meals and subcategories into columns. Different number of columns can be configured for ...
Adds images to meals listing with option to show them on to the left, right, top or hide. Having images for the category it would add a nice slide ...
Activates Badges section in FW Food Menu admin and allows adding custom badges with selected Font Awesome icons and title available as a hint when ...
Category meals presentation in different layouts with many prams to ahieve best presentation. It works and looks almost the same as component layou...
Multilingual option for FW Food Menu. After add-on is installed and activated you will be able to select a language for every meal and category whe...
Order items count and total to place in any module position on a website and let customers know what they already ordered. Also lets update items q...
Get online order from your customers including portion pricing differences and quantity of items. Discounts also apply if you have them configured....
Extends meal price field to a pricing grid, allowing to create a set of price for different meals or extras that come with a meal. Special price fi...
A signle meal promo block adjusted with a max size, easily designed with one out of the box designs and tuned with a special promo label. Promo blo...
Adds Google Structured data to a page code for robots to index all important part of a menu. Also allows meta tags like description and keywords to...

Product Designs

Coffee House inspired design with coffee palette colors and font that helps to create right atmosphere for a coffee menu.
Design inspired with Itialian menu stylimg and colors. Will look authentic with any Pizza & Pasta meals menu. Traditional colors palette and select...
Big pizza images inspired theme with round images on dark contrast backgrounds with bright category short descriptions.
Traditional Japanese colors Sushi restaurant theme.

FW Food Menu Downloads

FW Food Menu

Free and flexible online menu for food industry that will suit the needs of any cafe, restaurant, bar, pizzeria, bakery, sushi place, etc... with multi-column layouts, meal images, color and background settings and flexible category settings to show evey group of meals exactly as needed.

FWFM Responsive Menu

Responsive online menu version.

$6.58 USD/mo
9 Add-ons for 12 months
12 months free updates & support
FWFM Order Online

Online food ordering solution with payments & delivery.

$16.58 USD/mo
14 Add-ons for 12 months
12 months free updates & support


Yes, FW Food Menu is a free plugin with a comprehensive set of features suitable for most food websites.

Go to Admin panel -> FW Food Menu -> Dashboard. Make sure to verify your website to connect it with your fastw3b.net account and download free and purchased add-ons.

Verification is required for the following reasons:

  1. To install plugin and add-on updates.
  2. To get support in Client Section at fastw3b.net.
  3. To be able to install/update free and purchased add-ons.
  4. To buy new add-ons from Admin -> FW Food Menu -> Add-ons section.

Add-ons are specific plugins that work only with FW Food Menu plugin and extend its functionality in various ways. Add-on can be another layout with shortcode to use, a new set of parameters to extend existing plugin functions or even a design for plugin elements.

While FW Food Menu is fully seld-sufficient solution, add-ons may add features your website needs. The main plugin has a functionality that is critical for it to work. All other features come as add-ons to allow customers decide which configuration they prefer on their website. Add-on is the simplest way to add new features and design to FW Food Menu.

There are 2 ways to get add-ons:

  1. Go to Admin -> FW Food Menu -> Add-ons and get add-ons from there.
  2. Go to FW Food Menu official page on fastw3b.net, scroll to Add-ons section and get them from there.

All add-ons you have available will be listed in Admin -> FW Food Menu -> Dashboard -> Add-ons section.