FW Real Estate

Property listing platform with add-ons for brokers and agencies. MLS/IDX integration add-ons and services, clean property info, advanced search layouts, lead forms, easy configuration and management.

Top Features

Search form
FWRE Search Module
A dozen of the most popular search fields with flexible display settings. More fields can be added with Extra fields.
Front-end property management
FWRE Property Manager
Allow agents(users) to manage their own properties via front-end. Admin has full access.

All Features

Responsive Property Listings
Mobile friendly layouts for best performance and look on any device.
Adjustable Property Page
Set property info to be shown as sections listed one by one or tabs to save page space.
Sell listings
Property for sale with adjusted pricing and terms.
Multilingual support
Built-in support for full content translation for any number of languages.
Batch upload
Fast and handy files management with batch upload feature.
Resize on upload
Dimensions set in configuration will be applied on upload while original files will be kept as alternative.
List view
List property listings layout with numerous display options.
Single property page
Detailed property page with configuration option, media gallery, specification sections, etc.
Extended description
26 fields to describe every listing and show exactly what your customers look for.
Image gallery
Hi-quality images resized for optimal use with originals kept.
Watermark protection
Protect images from unauthorized usage on other websites or media.
Menu item settings
Adjust country, region, city, category, type, filters on listing layout.
Dictionaries (customizable fields)
10 special fields that can be edited, translated in any language and adjusted to your needs.
Translation manager
Adjust language interface translations to your needs or create translation for a new language.
Listing display settings
Items per page, ordering, show/hide fields and filters, allow certain functions.
Property display settings
Show property fields, set price validation, configure title.
Print friendly listings
Property page which is the longest among the others is designed to look nice when printed.
Rent properties
FWRE Rental Filter
Adds monthly rental price field to the properties. Allows filtering properties by monthly prices.
FWRE SEO Booster
Design listing and agent pages URLs as you need, by using available parameters in a link.
Structured data
FWRE SEO Booster
Google structured data for every property or agent for better search bots indexing.
Search layouts
FWRE Search Layouts
Horizontal full and compact search layouts to match website design concept.
Slideshow View
FWRE Slideshow View
Selected properties are displayed with main photo in background and information on top of it.
Google captcha protection
Protects FWRE Contact Form from robots and automated spam scipts.
Layout anywhere
FWRE Property Layout
Use this add-on to put properties or listings inside articles or modules.
Watermart protection
FWRE Watermark
Put transparent image or a text over all uploaded images to prevent from using it elsewhere.
Property videos
FWRE Video
Adds a video tab to a single property page ready for a preview.
3D Tour
FWRE 3D Tour
Adds a 3D tour tab on a single property page to show interiors and exteriors.
Status labels
FWRE Status Labels
Mark properties with a current status on the market. Works best with automated MLS/IDX synchronization.
Social share
FWRE Social Share
Allow sharing properties on Facebook, Twitter and email them to a friend.
Open house
FWRE Open House
Set date and time to indicate when a property is available for a tour.
Maps for properties
FWRE Map View
Add Google Maps, MapBox or Yandex Maps to show property location for your listings.
Griv view
FWRE Grid View
Allows switching property listing to a grid layout when browsing or set is the only view.
Floor plans
FWRE Floor Plans
Add plans with dimensions for your properties, adding more benefits for potential customers.
Extra property fields
FWRE Extra Fields
Searchable and configurable fields set helps to extend property description and improve search results.
Featured listings
FWRE Featured
Make some listings stand out, providing an exclusive listings design and a featured sorting parameter.
Favorites list
FWRE Favorites
Let your customers make a favorites list to keep an eye on properties they like.
CSV Import/Export
FWRE CSV Import/Export
Use CSV files to import/export data for backups or easy mass property editing.
Collect leads
FWRE Contact Form
Add contact form and activate Leads admin section to track visitors interest on properties you offer.
PDF Brochure
FWRE PDF Brochure
Upload a PDF file to offer a designed presentation of a property to a customer.
Selected properties
FWRE Latest Module
Highlight latest or featured properties with flexible layout and filter settings.
Mortgage calculator
FWRE Mortgage Calculator
Put a calculator on a single property page to see what payments should be expected to purchase the property.
Custom fields, groups, tabs
FWRE Custom Fields
Add unlimited new fields to your properties, new tabs to the front-end and group the fields inside groups on tabs.
FWRE Agents
Add multiple or single agents to property listings with an automated leads configuration to selected agents.
Agent profile
FWRE Agent Profile
Show agent profile on a single property or listing page to introduce an agent to your customers.
Compare properties
FWRE Compare Properties
Compare selected properties by the fields in a table structured layout.
Saved searches
FWRE Saved Searches
Allows a visitor to have a search saved and receive updates when a search matching his/her requests appears on the property list.


Any Interface Translation

The product comes with native English interface translation. Any additional language activated on your website can be installed via Translations section in Admin.

Multilingual Content

For multilingual websites, use built-in content manager. It allows to translate all content stored in FW Real Estate database into any number of additional languages.

Pricing Plans

Select your plan
Free updates and support withn selected plan period per 1 domain
Download free add-ons right form your website product Admin -> Dashboard section after verification.

Suits most of the real estate website needs. With this plan, you can build any individual realtor website.


Suits for property broker and agency websites. Allows non-tech-savvy users to manage properties online.

FWRE Demo Design
Demo design from official Fastw3b demo website for FW Real Estate product first released in April 2020.
FWRE Search Module
Search property form with different layouts and display fields settings. Depending on selected parameters search form can look very different to meet your needs.
FWRE Rental Filter
Adds rental filter and rental property type for listings. Allows showing prices per month.
FWRE SEO Booster
Allows altering property and agent pages URLs, masking them using parameters like {site} {category} {type} {price} {title} {address} {agent_company} {agent_name} {agent_tel} or custom text. Also enables Google Structured meta tags for better indexing by search engine bots.
FWRE Search Layouts
Extending basic vertical search layout with horizontal and trendy (compact) search form.
FWRE Slideshow View
Adds Slideshow Layout to Property listing options for menu item. Allows selecting Slideshow layout in Layout Module to place in module position and articles.
Activates settings for Google reCaptcha version 3 known as invisible or "I'm not a robot." captcha for Contact Form and Email to friend form.
FWRE Property Layout
Show List, Grid, Map views in module positions with specified filters. Works like menu item layout, but in a module position. Can be pasted into article content.
FWRE Watermark
Adds text and image watermark to all newly uploaded photos. Also, allow re-applying watermark to all uploaded images after watermark is changed.
FWRE Video
Adds Video tab on a Single Property page next to Photos tab.
FWRE 3D Tour
3D Tour tab on single property view with link to interactive tour across property.
FWRE Status Labels
Adds status labels on property listings and single property pages. A label is placed on top of the property image and can be configured via Dictionaries by setting background and text colors. Also, can be used for filtering on layout pages.
FWRE Social Share
Enables Facebook, Twitter and Email to friend options for properties. Social share works via web share protocols. Email to friend opens a pop-up window allowing to add comments and other information to share the property with a list of friends.
FWRE Open House
Indicates hours when a property is available for a tour with an agent. A note is shown on top of the property photo.
FWRE Multi Currency
Adds possibility to set multiple currencies on the website and switch between them. Main currency should be selected. Rates in relation to main currency can be set manually or automatically.
FWRE Map View
A view for property listings when items are listed on a selected map as markers with detailed info shown on hover. Includes Google Maps, MapBox and Yandex Maps integration.
FWRE Grid View
A view for property listings when items are listed in a grid with images on top and detailed info below.
FWRE Floor Plans
Adds Floor Plans section to Property page providing detailed information on every floor with size, description and plan image.
FWRE Extra Fields
A pack of 20 fields that extend property description, add financial and valuation fields and amenities. Some fields are part of search and are added to the search form after the add-on is installed. Some fields are Dictionaries and should be edited in Dictionaries section.
FWRE Featured
Adds Featured parameter to all properties, allowing to mark certain listings and give them the following preferences: Priority ordering in listings. Special featured design. Use as a filter in the Latest module or in listings to show only featured listings.
FWRE Favorites
Adds Favourites menu for logged in User Section where a user can store favorite properties. User section layout should be configured beforehand.
FWRE CSV Import/Export
All property data and zipped images can be exported or imported in CSV format when this plugin is activated. Depending on activated add-ons at the moment of export, the number of columns in the file may vary.
FWRE Contact Form
Adds Contact Form with  invisible captcha to a single property page. All sent requests are stored in Leads section in Admin and notifications email are sent to specified admin email and sender's email.
FWRE PDF Brochure
Allows adding a prepared PDF brochure to a property that would appear as a PDF Download link on a single property page. Also, it shows as an additional tab or section (depending on settings) on a single property page.
FWRE Latest Module
Shows selected properties from a category or by selected parameters as a list or a slideshow.
FWRE Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Calculator form allows to calculate mortgage payments for a property. Automatically assigns property cost if shown on a property page.
FWRE Custom Fields
Add any text fields to your property listings. When a new field is added, it would appear on the edit form and will be available for all properties on a website. You can add new tabs to the front-end and group the fields inside new and available groups and tabs.
FWRE Property Manager
Front-end manager allows Agents to manage properties without logging into admin panel. Agents can add new properties and edit theirs. An agent must be published to gain access to the Front-end Manager.
FWRE Agents
Activates Agents section with ability to assign virtual agents or select an agent from registered users and assign to a property. Adds a dozen of agent related fields to fill information about an agent. Every Agent has a profile, a link to properties he/she manages.
FWRE Agent Profile
Shows selected agent in a module with his/her contact information and property listings link. Layout configuration is available.
FWRE Compare Properties
Allow comparing selected properties in a table. Compare is a part of User Section view that doesn't require registration/login to be accessed.
FWRE Saved Searches
Allows users to save searches with certain parameters to their account and get notifications when properties matching criteria arrive.
Price for

FW Real Estate Downloads

FW Real Estate

FW Real Estate platform for property listings with add-ons to extend functionality and design. Flexible layout and fields settings with multilingual support and parameters localization. Comes with vertical Search Module.


Yes, FW Real Estate is a free plugin with a comprehensive set of features suitable for most property websites.

Go to Admin panel -> FW Real Estate -> Dashboard. Make sure to verify your website to connect it with your fastw3b.net account and download free and purchased add-ons.

Verification is required for the following reasons:

  1. To install plugin and add-on updates.
  2. To get support in Client Section at fastw3b.net.
  3. To be able to install/update free and purchased add-ons.
  4. To buy new add-ons from Admin -> FW Real Estate -> Add-ons section.

Add-ons are specific plugins that work only with FW Real Estate plugin and extend its functionality in various ways. Add-on can be another layout with shortcode to use, a new set of parameters to extend existing plugin functions or even a design for plugin elements.

While FW Real Estate is fully seld-sufficient solution, add-ons may add features your website needs. The main plugin has a functionality that is critical for it to work. All other features come as add-ons to allow customers decide which configuration they prefer on their website. Add-on is the simplest way to add new features and design to FW Real Estate.

There are 2 ways to get add-ons:

  1. Go to Admin -> FW Real Estate -> Add-ons and get add-ons from there.
  2. Go to FW Real Estate official page on fastw3b.net, scroll to Add-ons section and get them from there.

All add-ons you have available will be listed in Admin -> FW Real Estate -> Dashboard -> Add-ons section.