FW Real Estate MLS/IDX/XML Integration

Automate property listings population from remote source with individual fields configuration and update rules.

FW Real Estate MLS/IDX/XML Integration
  • Custom add-on development to allow regular update of the main product and other add-ons.
  • FW Real Estate fields mapping to data feed properties format.
  • Search and filter configuration to extract only needed portion of listings.
  • Update rules and parameters programming for data synchronization.
  • Cron job setup for a regular (daily/hourly) one way updates from data provider to a client's website.
  • 2 months support to guarantee synchronization works as expected.
$349.00 USD
Time frame 5 days
Service stages
Order a service
Be very specific when filling the order form. Use attachments to add extra info.
Discuss details
Our manager will contact you to confirm scope and discuss details within 24 hours.
Provide info & pay
Send all data needed for a service job and pay an invoice to start development.
Get job done
Track job progress via Client Section and communicate with your manager.
Review and approve
Check the results, verify with discussed scope and finalize the job.

Very often, MLS/IDX/XML Integration is a complex process that has unique parameters and needs individual approach for data to render correctly. We have a few add-ons RESO Web API (former RETS), Alto (former Vebra) and MLSGrid available for MLS/IDX integration, which are cheaper and can be used by installing and filling in configuration parameters. But when you need integration to another MLS, IDX or XML feed, this service is exactly what you need.

During the process, we design custom search and filter parameters and help to add fields a client may need for a property listing. We test everything to make sure it all works correctly and provide a maintenance period to address any issues that arise.

The job would be delivered as an add-on for FW Real Estate, just like any other add-on we offer for our product. Having integration as an add-on, allows easy update, every time the main product or other add-ons releases come out. The add-on will have its unique configuration parameters important for this particular integration, according to a client needs.

Please note, that you need to have access to actual MLS/IDX/XML feed or a file server, where you can get a regular update of properties database. It can be XML/JSON feed, CSV file or API access. Realtor/broker account must allow access to such up-to-date properties feed.

The time frame for MLS/IDX/XML integration is approximately 5-7 business days.

To start our work, we will need:

  1. A website with the latest version of FW Real Estate installed.
  2. Admin and FTP access (cPanel if available) to the website.
  3. Upfront payment for the service. A payment link will appear in  Client Section -> Payments, when we settle down all integration details.
  4. Working MLS/IDX/XML access to a property database. This is needed for integration and testing purposes only. Can be a test or developer account, if provider has such an option.
  5. Search and filter criteria for the client website to extract actual properties from MLS/IDX provider's data feed.

Please note that FWRE Extra Fields add-on is critical for integration to work correctly. Other add-ons are optional.