Joomla! Security & Updates



Joomla! Security & Updates
  • 24/7 security monitor and quick website restore

  • Regular security audit and reports

  • Changes to existing configuration and code to prevent to prevent a hack

  • Regular CMS and plugins/extensions update to fix security bugs and add new features

  • Performance review and reports

  • Optimal hosting configuration and uptime monitoring

Price and time frame to be defined
After Order Form is filled and sent, you will be contacted by a manager via our Ticket Support system in Client Section to discuss details further.

When site is up and running all you want is to have it like this all the time. But the higher your website is in ranking the more attention it gets. It is great from one hand, but it also attracts people who want to use your website for their needs which is often spam mass mailing or redirecting your traffic to other websites. As soon as they find a breach in your system they will get in. To prevent this and keep your website up and running you need security monitoring and updates.