Fastw3b Support Coverage

Fastw3b Support is a support ticket service that is provided for Fastw3b customers. It is free and available for all Fastw3b products. We care about all our products and happy to help/explain/suggest ways to use our products easily and effectively. 

How do I get free support?

Learn more about differences between Version Only and Subscription packages here.

  1. Free ticket support can be given through the Support tab in the client section.
  2. There are two types of support services - limited and unlimited:
    • If you’ve bought a Version Only package, you get limited support, available for the current version only. Once a new version comes out, you will be asked to buy a new version in order to get support.
    • If you’ve bought a Subscription package, you get unlimited support. Thus, you will be able to update for free during the year.
  3. We do not provide support through Skype, chat or telephone because of security and technical reasons. In some special cases, Skype negotiations can be allowed but only on a charged basis.

How quickly can I get the answer?

  1. The maximum period of time for a ticket response is 48 business hours. However, if you want to get your issue solved quicker, make sure to read our documentation providing lots of valuable information product installation and configuration. If your issue or question needs some more time to be solved, you will get a notification about it within 24 hours. 
  2. A ticket should be dedicated to 1 issue only. If you have more than 1 issue, then you have to submit another ticket. The tickets with more than one issue will not be processed.
  3. Make sure to fill in all the required fields following the rules specified in How to write a quality bug report/suggestion section.
  4. Bugs found in Fastw3b extensions and reported to Fastw3b Support Team are always considered urgent and will be fixed as soon as possible. Normally, we would collect all tech bugs reported and would include them in the next release. But if bug turns out to be critical we will release an update within a few days after a report was received.

Ticket statuses

  1. Complete. If all the required information is provided and fields are filled in, your report gets a Complete status. The reports with Complete status are processed within 48 business hours. Get familiar with a Complete status checklist below:
    • Product type
    • Joomla access
    • FTP access
    • Bug description
    • Screenshots/links
    • How to replicate
    • Expected result
  2. Incomplete. If some of the above-specified data are missing, your report gets an incomplete status. The reports with Incomplete status will not be processed. 
  3. Wrong ticket type. If you request a bug fix using General Question form or Suggest an idea form, your ticket gets a Wrong ticket type status. The reports with Wrong ticket type status will not be processed. Each form is dedicated to a specific issue:
  • General question form allows you to ask a question, not to request a bug fix.
  • Report a bug form allows you to give a summary of the issue you are facing with our product and get a bug fix.
  • Suggest an idea form allows to submit feedback or recommended enhancement. 

How to write a quality bug report/suggestion?

  1. Be specific and provide information in a structural manner. Bug report should include facts only. Bullet points are perfect!
  2. Explain the steps you take so the tester could reproduce them.
  3. Explain the actual results you get as a result of the specified steps.
  4. Explain what do you expect to get as a result.
  5. State out how the bug has affected your expected results. Specify any suggestions that you think could potentially fix the bug.
  6. Provide at least one screenshot with highlights as visual proof. In 99% of cases, you will be asked to provide a screenshot.

What does Fastw3b support cover?

Please read the list of options available within Fastw3b support service:

  1. Support ticket (client section) for clients only.
  2. Ask General question.
  3. Suggest an idea (client section) for clients only.
  4. Report a bug (client section) for clients only.
  5. Refund request (client section) for clients only within 30 days after purchase for refundable products.
  6. Request custom support.

What is not covered by Fastw3b support?

  1. General questions regarding Joomla! CMS installation, usage, and its upgrading.
  2. Issues related to 3d-party Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  3. Problems caused by 3-d party Joomla extensions and templates.
  4. Support to Fastw3b extensions if a source code was modified by customer or 3rd party.
  5. Support of older versions of extensions.
  6. Consultation regarding the issues caused by 3d-party templates and their extensions.
  7. Fastw3b extensions customization or modification.
  8. Talks by Skype, chat or telephone.